Christian Women and Power

It always makes me angry when people say a Christian woman shouldn’t have any power, that she should be told what to do by a man. I have one friend who was widowed young, and believed that she shouldn’t even serve in the church without a husband to lead her and keep her out of trouble.

They think that Jewish women were weak. Women in the bible had power. Those that choose to accept it anyway. There were several who felt their role in life due to their culture was a support role, but it wasn’t all of them. I think there were just as many female heroes from those times as male ones, we just don’t hear there stories.

Think about this. In a culture where women are almost property, there were several powerful women int he bible. Look at the virgin Mary. Her son is the savior of all mankind, sitting at a wedding enjoying himself and they run out of wine. Now realize that jesus wasn’t ‘out’ yet. And here comes his mother who knows full well what and who he is giving hiam a guilt trip. Jesus, they’re out of wine. Jesus, it will be embarrassing. Come on make us some wine. Here’s the savior of the world sitting incognito at a wedding, trying to be chill, and his mother wants him to make a beer run.  If it weren’t for Mary’s nagging, Jesus ministry may have started much later.

Now I’m not saying that all you women should go out, say to heck with men, and do your own thing. But why wait for a man to start your life? Why wait for a man to save you? And ladies, if you’re out of run for the mojitos during your girls night, and your husband it the pastor, don’t feel bad when you send him out for supplies.

One thought on “Christian Women and Power

  1. It’s interesting how women can be heroic characters in the Old Testament despite their second-class citizen status in ancient Jewish society. True, women had little power in those times, but, as you say, those who accepted what they had and made the most of it still performed heroic deeds. One could argue that these women were especially admirable for taking the stands they did, given how lowly society viewed and valued them. Of particular note are the stories of Ruth, Ester, and Deborah, who all displayed exemplary amounts of courage, wisdom, and faith to accomplish extraordinary deeds.

    As for your summation of Mary, I found a webpage that agrees with your assessment here:

    — and, honestly, what man could hope to realize his fullest potential without the love, support, and occasional nagging from his mother?

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